Girls Night Out Dice

GIRLS NIGHT OUT DICE: Bachelorette Party

  • Two Large 28mm 12-sided Dice
  • Premium Packaging
  • For Adults Only!

‘Roll’ play with this Girls Night Out ‘Do Or Dare ‘ Dice bachelorette party game! Features two large 28mm 12-sided dice that tell you and your crew what to do, if you dare. Last lady standing wins!

Dice 1: Do This…

  • Yell “Wooooooo” Loudly
  • Take Selfie In Men’s Room
  • Let Friends Post On Your Social
  • Flirt With Random Person
  • Order A Drink In A Foreign Accent
  • Turn Outfit Inside Out
  • Get Piggyback Ride From A Stranger
  • Shotgun Your Drink
  • Friends Scroll Your Photos (5 Secs)
  • Fake A Loud Orgasm
  • Twerk For A Stranger
  • Sing Your Next Drink Order

Dice 2: While Doing This

  • Or High Five Random Guy
  • Or Take A Photo With a Stranger
  • Or Dance The Robot
  • Or Tell An Embarrassing Story
  • Or Buy A Drink For A Friend
  • Or Tell A Funny Sex Story
  • Or Sit On A Friend’s Lap For 1 Drink
  • Or Buy A Drink For A Hot Guy
  • Or Make A Terrible Toast
  • Or Pretend To Be A T-Rex
  • Or Get Up And Dance Badly
  • Or Do A Shot