Stoner Dice


  • Two Large 28mm 12-sided Dice
  • Premium Packaging
  • For Adults Only!

‘Roll’ play with this Stoner Party ‘Do Or Dare ‘ Dice Game! Features two large 28mm 12-sided dice that tell you and your best bud what to do, if you dare. Smoke, roll, and puff puff play!

Dice 1: Do This…

  • Lick Something Green
  • Name Your Top 10 Favorite Munchies
  • Puff, Puff, Pass Gas
  • Smoke Two Puffs
  • Hug A Bud For 4 Min 20 Secs
  • Act Like A Stoned Robot
  • Everybody Must Get Stoned
  • Quote The Big Lebowski
  • Make A Pipe From A Fruit
  • Summon A Demon
  • Rap About Your Love Of Weed
  • Dance To A Reggae Song

Dice 2: While Doing This

  • Or Make A Smoke Ring
  • Or Take A Toke
  • Or Pretend You’re A T-Rex
  • Or Make A Weird Sandwich
  • Or Tell A Funny Weed Story
  • Or Get High On Your Own Supply
  • Or Try To Levitate
  • Or Roll The Perfect Joint
  • Or Make A Weed Meme & Post It
  • Or Laugh For 420 Seconds
  • Or Turn Clothes Inside Out
  • Or Text Happy 4/20 To Your Mother